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I Just Want a Bloody Stamp..!

All you want to do is post a letter. So when did going to the Post Office become such a ridiculous ‘hard sell’ experience?

I ask for 1st class postage. I just want my package weighed and the price. That’s it.

Is it valuable?

None of your business. I asked for 1st class postage, that’s all I want. (Which as I might remind you automatically INCLUDES compensation to the value of £39 should you lose it!) read the rest

Shock News: UK Recession Over..?

Yup, it’s true. The UK recession may actually be over.

Are the newspaper headlines screaming out the good news though? Of course not – there’s lots of other far more depressing stories they can fill our day with instead…

Economy Grows Two Months In a Row

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) says that the economy hit bottom as long ago now as March this year. read the rest

Free Shares From me2everyone..?

me2everyone free shares

This young internet upstart is causing quite a stir online. By giving away free shares to members when they join (for free), it has managed to rapidly go from 0 to 188,455 members in just 1 month! Before they even know what they are joining..!

The free offer is still running, so you can join the fun too. You’ll get 250 free shares in the company if you join today (more about me2everyone free shares here)

So What is It? read the rest

Google Goes Crazy – And May Harm Your Computer..!

Has Google gone nuts today..?

All my search results are showing the dreaded ‘This site may harm your computer’ message.

So either Google is having a funny turn, or my laptop has been taken over by aliens, or worse!

Even and are reported as potentially harmful…

Aliens, Google or has Kaspersky let me down..?

Oh dear, I think Google central will be rolling out some serious ass whippings… reports are coming in all over the place of the same dodgy search results… here’s just a few:-
Getting a malware warning for every site in Google search results? read the rest

Cashback Cards Are Top – They Work!

It’s official, cashback cards are top of the pops.

I mean, these days consumers want (and deserve) better from their credit card providers – am I right?

So why should we put up any longer with cards with an annual fee. No need to. What about cards with crazy high interest rates? No need to. What about those cards that hide a really short period before interest starts to accrue? read the rest