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Confetti Cut Paper Shredder – For Extra Secure Shredding

If you have paper documents that contain your personal data – you need a shredder.

And I’m talking a proper confetti cut paper shredder – not one of those pathetic battery powered ones that are no better than tearing a page up.

The kind of people who are willing to go through bins to steal documents are capable of sticking pieces of paper back together. So even a good strip cut shredder can be risky.

Quick Recap: strip cut shredders cut pages into long thin strips, cross cut shredders also cut those long strips into smaller pieces. Confetti cut are the daddy of shredders, as they blitz pages into tiny little pieces of confetti. Even the most dedicated thief is just not going to bother with confetti!

So obviously confetti cut shredders are the most expensive.

But guess what…

You Can Get Quality Confetti Cut Paper Shredders At Great Prices

In fact, I’ve just found 2 top models that are in stock and available to buy online now, at great prices.

If you shop wisely they can even be as cheap as a decent strip cut shredder!

So please don’t buy one of those nasty £20 ones from Argos or WH Smiths – they are slow, noisy and will break in a year! And end up costing you MORE. I know because I’ve burned through TWO of them before learning my lesson!

Get one of these and you’ll thank me for it:-

1. Rexel ProStyle Shredder

Click Here to Find it on

Rexel make the best quality shredders. And this Rexel Pro Style Shredder is my personal favourite. It can take 11 sheets at a time (that’s a lot – most cheap shredders struggle with 3 pages), and easily destroys old credit cards securely too.

It also has a 20 litre storage bin. This does matter – smaller bins will annoy you by getting full too often and regularly needing emptying!

Plus the motor is much quieter than most shredders which I find highly desirable, so it might matter to you too. This is well built and will last you for years. Looks pretty snazzy too.

2. ACCO Rexel Style Plus Shredder

Click Here to Find it on

This is the little brother of the Pro Style shredder. It’s sheet capacity is reduced to 7 sheets at a time, and the storage bin is 12 litres instead of 20 litres. But it’s still a great machine, so worth considering if you’re tight on space.

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