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Back in 'the good old days' this section of the site used to be full of thriving young web sites, all keen to grab your custom by offering you a small share in their future success in exchange for you helping them get there. The best of these have now closed their doors to newer customers, but sadly many just quietly disappeared.

LATEST: Things have gone very quiet again, this kind of offer seems to go in and out of fashion. A few still exist below, but not many.

Active Sites:




iMutual is actually a cashback shopping site. But they have set the 'cat amongst the pigeons' by producing a 100% cashback website that also gives you free shares.

It's run by a former Director of rPoints (the world's first cashback site) so you can be sure they know what they are doing. It's free to join, which instantly gives you 100 free shares and 100% cashback shopping.

NOTE: make sure you register for the shares AFTER you have joined (just requires your name, address and ticking of a box).

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me2everyone started with a blaze of activity in 2009. After lots of management restructures, lots of delays, a vast array of ideas - but little actual delivery, are they now just about to explode into life again? Maybe.

Shares are now being formerly converted - you get 1,000 500 free shares if you join today.

The plan is still to build a new virtual online world and social networking site. But with lots of unusual twists that make it a very interesting prospect. This still has huge potential, if only they can deliver.

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(Or read more about me2everyone free shares)

my free shares

My Free Shares


Not paper shares, but a free share of the profits! This is kind of a member site where you earn a share of the profits of the company - the more shares you have the more profits you earn.

Don't expect huge sums unless you have lots of shares - but you can earn free shares by clicking links in the member area or buying recommend products or services. Company profits come from advertising and those offers that other members buy.

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Where To Next?

It's not a long list, but worth taking a few minutes joining the sites above.

NEXT: make sure you're a member of the best cashback sites. Then head for our quick list of free UK stuff.

Closed Share Offers:

Consolidated Futures


Consolidated Futures

Consolidated Futures is a small 'Business Development Incubator' site run by John Quarrie. It offers '10 free shares' to encourage you to join.

But the site is quite confused -- and confusing. They describe themselves as an "Eco & Ethical" incubator but nearly all of the listed project pitches are neither of those things. And most of the projects also seem to be John's own. There are also no real details about the shares on offer.

To be fair the site does still say it's in 'Beta', but it seems to have a long way to go before those shares could have a chance of being worth anything.

deal carrot

Deal Carrot


Deal Carrot is a new daily deals site. Don't groan! I know it's a big bandwagon at the moment, but it only takes someone to add a novel twist to an overworked idea to make it fresh and potentially explosive. And that's what Deal Carrot hope they have achieved by adding the free shares concept on to a Daily Deals site.

Based in the UK, but appear to have eyes for deals further afield too, so membership is open worldwide. Deal Carrot offers all members 100 shares for signing up. Plus 10 more if you tell your friends and they join too. And more if you buy any daily deals yourself.

(The 'Groupon' based potential valuation may be somewhat enthusiastic however)

It's early days for Deal Carrot, but free to join. So you may as well sign-up to see what happens, and to see what deals come your way.




Hot on the heels of me2everyone comes Sqip (now called 'GreenWin'). They are giving away 100 shares (or PEP's as they call them) to everyone joining up now.

The site itself plans to be a full blown portal, social networking, everything kind of site. It's a big ambitious plan and possibly the main problem with the site. Jack of all trades and potentially master of nothing?

It hasn't launched properly yet so I reserve some judgement but I can only give it a fairly low rating for now. You can always join for free now to claim your stake in the company and see what happens.

LATEST: The shares offer is now closed.




NEW TxtShare is offering 10,000 free shares if you manage to be one of the first 5,000 users to join - it's quick and free to join. The free shares then drop to 3,000 for the next 30,000 members, and eventually down to just 500. So join quick to get the most benefit. The TxtShare service itself provides a way to get share prices sent by text message to your mobile phone. You can also set up portfolios to get multiple prices all at once. You even get £5 of credit to try the service out for free.
LATEST (13/06/2011): 'currently under reconfiguration' - which may well mean 'pending dead'.

the mutual

The Mutual


The Mutual give you free shares just for joining (which is also free of course). And these are not just any old shares either, these are real London Stock Exchange listed shares. This is a company that saw a 90% increase in share price in 2002, and a 30% surge when reporting profitability levels to the city on 30 June this year. And not only do you get free shares in the company just for joining, this company will also give you more when you shop at online stores linked from their site. And with over 500 shopping sites to choose from, these are places you already shop! Sites such as Amazon UK, Tesco, Argos, Homebase, Lunn Poly, John Lewis plus loads more. So where's the catch? Well, none really. You get 'units' at first rather than shares, but these are simply converted to shares in bulk at regular times - so don't let that put you off. Join for free today and you get 1,000 units to start you off.
LATEST: Offer now closed.