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Our personal pick of some of the best free UK stuff online, so go grab yourself some freebies. And if you see a particularly good UK freebie out there you'd like to share - let us know.

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1 AAAAAGGGGGGGHHH - Too Many Passwords To Remember..!!!
This software saves me enormous time and effort! It will safely and securely manage all of your online logins and passwords - automatically. It even fills in forms for you. Try it Free - your life online will be so much easier!
2 Free BBC Program Tickets
Get free tickets to your favourite BBC TV shows - no strings, direct from the BBC.
3 Free Report - How To Make Money With Your Camera
There is HUGE demand these days for photos that people can use on their websites, in their blog posts, etc. If you have a digital camera you can make money working with stock photo sites (so much easier than you think!). You probably already have a ton of photos that could be earning you extra money.
4 Free Phone Calls
You may have heard of Skype, but if you're not using it, you are now officially missing out! Skype has changed enormously, you have to try it.
5 Dump Microsoft Office!
Microsoft Office is bloated and very expensive. LibreOffice is a totally free alternative. It's so good I don't miss MS Office at all. And yes, it will open your old files too. Don't upgrade, switch.
6 Free Newspaper DVD's
This is great - the newspapers are so keen to get us to switch, they're giving away free DVD's - full movies. Find out here which ones are coming up...
7 More Free TV Show Tickets!
ApplauseStore provide Free tickets to shows on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Satellite & Cable TV!
8 Get Free Lottery Tips
Free lottery tips course that will show you how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.
9 Even More Free UK Stuff
Get more free UK stuff from the 'Free UK Stuff' website!