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The Old Sites (Reviews)

These are no longer recommended, but the reviews are being kept here just for reference.

LATEST: Wow, things have certainly changed. A new breed of 100% cashback sites has appeared and has really shaken things up. Why settle for 50% any more when you can get double that..! Run, don't walk, to the best UK cashback sites here


(Shop using one of our listed cashback credit cards and you can look forward to even more cashback!)




Well this is different. This one can turn cashback from your online shopping into actually making some extra money! When you join ei42, you instantly get your own cashback site. And there are 3 things you can do with that site. 1. shop there yourself and earn cashback (just like the other sites reviewed here), 2. send family or friends there so they can shop as normal but you earn cashback, 3. tell family and friends to join up so they get their own site and they earn cashback.

Now, no.3 is where things get very different. Not only will your family and friends get their cashback, but you also get a small amount of cashback too every time they do. And when they tell their friends to get their own site, you get a small amount every time they buy something too. And so it goes on. And all those small amounts add up!

Will it work? Well, it certainly has done so far and is proving VERY popular. It's entirely free, so why not give it a try. Click For ei42 (NOTE: not currently accepting new members)




Maximiles offer old fashioned reward points instead of cash. So you earn reward points when you shop online, complete surveys or enter competitions. The points can then be used for a good range of products online, or even get vouchers for high street stores such as Argos or HMV. The tracking is reliable, but is it better than just earning straightforward cash..? Click For Maximiles (not recommended)




Greasy Palm are now firmly the top cashback shopping portal - with cashback deals for an amazing 650+ online shops. They also have a killer tool in the form of the fabulous 'Rebate Catcher' - which means you don't even have to follow links from the GreasyPalm site anymore. You just go straight to your normal online shops and a GreasyPalm popup window appears to remind you that you will earn cashback from that store. Zero effort - it just works!

Members also get Exclusive discounts and coupon codes (e.g. an extra 10% discount off all orders, or £5/£10 discount coupons) - so you can take advantage of the very best deals AND still get cashback to boot!

Not only is Membership FREE, but it only takes 30 seconds to sign-up. AND you even get an instant £2.50 credited to your account when you join. How could it get any better than this...?

Oh yes, one member recently won a shiny brand new Citreon C2 car worth £8,000... AND you could be the member to win £5,000 in cash in the next Members Only draw :-) Click For GreasyPalm (no longer recommended)




Rpoints is cashback reward site based around points, which you can earn from 1200+ sites. Points can be traded in for either cash or Amazon vouchers. But one of the most impressive aspects of Rpoints is the large and enthusiastic community of members - who are very active in the Rpoints online forums. This is helped by the novel aspect of members being able to earn additional points by finding and recommending great deals online - if other members like the bargain you spotted, you earn 10% of the points value earnt by every single person who buys it - that can be massive amounts of points very quickly! You can also get a £5 welcome bonus if you join for free now. Click For Rpoints (no longer recommended)




Earn points for completing surveys and opinion polls, exchange points for e-Poll Rewards (anything from gift certificates to movies). Points rack up faster with Premier Membership which gives you more paying activities. The downside is the extra 2000 points for shipping outside of the states. 500 Free reward points when you join. Unfortunately the site always seems a little slow to respond. Click For e-Poll (not recommended)

For old times sake, you can now find the 'deceased' sites here.