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How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Online (The Easy Way)

Here are the easiest ways to earn some free crypto.

These techniques below are exactly what I used to get my own cryptocurrency wallet started. I earned over $60 of crypto with less than an hours effort just using the first method.

So let's get started :-).

Method 1: Watch Some Interesting Videos On Cryptocurrency

It doesn't get much easier than this.

Step 1 - The 'Hard' Part (Takes 5-10 Minutes)

First, you will need to register with Coinbase (a highly respected and popular cryptocurrency trading website). This is free of course.

There's a couple of hoops to jump through but it's pretty quick and painless (took me 5 minutes tops). And if you want to do pretty much anything with cryptocurrencies you're going to need an account with someone like this anyway!

Important: if you want an extra $10 bonus join Coinbase using this link. You (and I) will then get a $10 bonus if you buy/sell more than $100 of cryptocurrency in the next 6 months. You don't have to trade anything, but you might as well use the bonus link just in case.

Step 2 - Watch The Videos (~30 Minutes)

Then, once your account is all setup, now you can just watch some very short (and quite interesting!) videos about cryptocurrencies.

When you answer a very easy question at the end of each video you'll get some free crypto paid into your account. Within a few seconds! So do watch ALL the videos (they are only about 2 minutes each).

NOTE: You will probably have to go on the 'waiting list' for this. I did, but then they emailed me less than 24 hours later to say the videos were ready for me to earn!

Make sure you add yourself to the waiting list for ALL of these now:-

You can earn XLM by watching the videos here

And earn EOS by watching the videos here

You may see some other options too. Some may be fully claimed (they'll let you know if/when they become available again).

Once you've got your free crypto there are NO restrictions on what you can do with it. Trade it for some Bitcoin or Ethereum (or anything else). Sell it and take the cash. Or transfer it to a wallet anywhere else.

Method 2: Easy 'Airdrops'

What the heck are airdrops..? So much jargon in the crypto world! :-)

Airdrops are simply when a new cryptocurrency decide to give away some coins/tokens for free.

Why would they do that? It's no different to supermarkets giving out free tasters - it's just a promotional tool to generate interest in what they are doing. To try to get their new coin fully recognised by the market.

And some of these airdrops have been very worthwhile:-

  • Ontology (ONT) gave out 1,000 tokens each - ONT has so far hit a peak price of $10.07 (1,000 x $10.17...)
  • Swarm (SWM) gave away 100 coins each - and that had a peak price of $1.39
  • OmiseGo (OMG) gave away hundreds of dollars worth each. The price then spiked 10 times higher just 5 months later

Fair warning - this is very hit and miss though, as most of these airdrops will end up being totally worthless!

So it's best to be smart here, and only put in minimum effort. You can then do more if you feel like it and/or have the time.

Step 1 - Set Up Your Wallet (~5 Minutes)

Important: a cryptocurrency wallet is just like your real wallet/purse. Your account with Coinbase is more like a bank account. So moving cryptocurrency from Coinbase to your crypto wallet is like withdrawing cash from the cash machine and putting it in your real wallet.

What that means is, cryptocurrency in your cryptocurrency wallet is 'safe and secure'. It's in your hands, and nobody else has access to it. It's the best place to keep your funds longer term when you're not doing anything else with them.

So how do you get a wallet?

The easiest possible way, just download Exodus (available for desktop and Android/Apple), or possibly MyEtherWallet (I much prefer Exodus - looks great and is very easy to use). These are both free software based wallets.

Step 2 - Add Some ETH To Your Wallet (~1 Minute)

Transfer some Ethereum (ETH) to your crypto wallet (you need to have a non-zero balance for this to work).

It only needs to be a small amount of ETH. You can simply trade some of the free crypto you got from Coinbase (in Method 1 above) into ETH, then transfer that to your wallet.

Why does this work?

Because the vast majority of new tokens are built on the Ethereum platform. So airdrops can 'just happen' to accounts with some ETH in them.

That's the near zero effort approach. But you can do a lot better than this with just a bit more effort...

Method 3: Let The Airdrops & Bonuses Come To You

If you have a ton of time on your hands you can actively go looking for airdrops. And do whatever they ask to qualify (hand over your email, do a survey, Tweet about them etc).

But that's hard work. And don't forget, the majority of these airdrops will end up worth nothing anyway.

So, the smarter way to do this is to let the airdrops come to you.

And that's why you should join 'Earn'. It's a clever way of connecting people interested in cryptocurrencies with crypto businesses.

It's also become one of the best ways to hear about airdrops.

And it gets better.

Businesses on 'Earn' pay to send their messages to 'Earn' members (you and me). Which means we get paid in Bitcoin (BTC) just to reply to these messages!

This works two ways:-

  • People can direct message you for a price you set (starting at $1, but up to $100 if you feel important enough).
  • Businesses can pay to send messages to specific 'lists' of Earn members (you get $1-$100 depending on the list, obviously the higher paid lists have strict requirements to join!).

Step 1 - Join 'Earn' (~2 Minutes)

So the first thing you need to do is join 'Earn'. And set up your profile.

Important: make sure you use your real name and main email address. Because you will need to connect your account to your LinkedIn and/or Facebook account to get your profile automatically approved. You won't get anywhere until properly approved - they only want real people for obvious reasons!

Step 2 - Join The Airdrop List (~1 Minute)

Obviously you need to be on this list to get any messages about new airdrops!

So after you have joined then go to the Airdrop list here, and click Apply - you should get instantly approved for this one.

Important: Now go to Edit Profile and Airdrops - you should see that you are a Member of Airdrop Recipients. Make sure you add an Ethereum address here.

If you're using Exodus this is really simple. In Exodus just click 'Wallet' on the left, then 'Ethereum' in the list of currencies. Click the big 'Receive' button, then click on the long string of numbers and letters under 'Your Ethereum Address' (to copy to clipboard). Paste that address back into Earn.

Bonus Points: this is also a really good time to set up Telegram if you don't have it yet (it's a messaging app just like WhatsApp). A lot of airdrops require you to join their Telegram group. So add Telegram to your phone now (it's on both Android and Apple), set a username on your account - and put that username into Earn.

Step 3 - Join Other Relevant Lists (~5 Minutes)

This won't get you more airdrops but it can mean earning a lot more free Bitcoin!

Take your time on this, and join as many relevant lists as you can. The more you join, the more paid messages you will get.

Note: only try to join relevant lists! There are 95 to choose from.

Here's a few I recommend you do join: LinkedIn users, Twitter users, YouTube users etc. And if you qualify join Bitcoin buyers, Ethereum buyers, Digital Currency Investors.

There are loads more - but some will require evidence that you do qualify (quite a few Lists pay $20 or $40 per reply so you can see why they need a bit of proof).

[Optional] Method 4: Pushing Buttons...

This is strictly if you can be bothered and have spare time to earn free cryptocurrency.

It's probably worth having a play just to see what this is all about, then decide if this is for you or not.

Here we're going to use what are called 'crypto faucets'. Excuse the Americanism - a faucet is what we in the UK call a tap! They are called faucets because they are like a dripping tap - constantly paying out tiny amounts of cryptocurrency.

The downside is that in exchange for this free crypto, you have to complete small tasks - such as clicking links or look at adverts. It's not exciting, but over time it can build up (if you can be bothered!).

Warning: there are lots of these 'crypto tap' sites. Some are just a total scam that never really pay out. So don't go blindly joining every site you find.

These I've found to be reliable:-

FreeBitcoin - this Bitcoin tap/faucet is an old timer that has been around since 2013. It's free to join. There are multiple ways to earn Bitcoins, starting with literally just pushing a button to generate a Lucky Number (every spin wins something). You can also earn interest on your Bitcoins (currently just over 4%).

FaucetHub - as the name suggests, this is the place to find as many other faucet sites as you could possibly want (literally thousands of sites, and these guys have over 1.8 million users!). For 16 different currencies at the moment (BTC, ETH, BTX, LTC, XMR etc). Free to join of course. The site also acts as the payment service for the tap sites so it's all cleverly linked together to make life easier. Pooling payments from different sites means you can withdraw funds far sooner, rather than waiting to reach minimum withdrawal amounts for each site.

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