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How To Get Started With Bitcoin (For Free)

Getting started with Bitcoin

So you want to get started with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – but you don’t want to hand over your bank details (or any real money!) yet.

Not a problem – you can genuinely get started without spending anything.

I know because this is how I got started. 🙂

With just an hour or so of effort you can easily earn a decent amount of crptocurrency (approx £30- £50) to get started. read the rest

Stock Trading Guide (Free)

You’d be forgiven for thinking that trading in shares is incredibly complicated.

The sheer wealth of information available makes it seem so big and overwhelming. But just like most things – they make it sound incredibly complicated so it makes them look clever…

Our online introductory stock trading guide has proven popular.

It won’t make you a city finance whiz kid overnight. read the rest

What Is The Best Shredder To Buy For Home Use?

Confetti cut paper shredders are more secureDo you have paper documents that contain your personal data? Then you need a good shredder.

And I’m talking a proper confetti cut paper shredder – not one of those pathetic battery powered ones that are no better than tearing a page up.

The kind of people who are willing to go through bins to steal documents are capable of sticking pieces of paper back together. read the rest

UK Police Sledge With Riot Shields (video)

You’d have to be a pretty narrow minded dull old boss to reprimand your staff for this!

Is tobogganing on police time with police equipment really that evil? Surely it just gives the UK Police a more friendly down to earth image..?

I’d consider it community policing and great public relations.

Wouldn’t you rather see a riot shield being used as a sledge than pressed in protestors faces..!? read the rest

£100 Premier Current Account Cashback

Fed up with your bank? Ready for a change?

If you want to try a new bank, then here’s a nice ‘bribe’ to get you started on friendly terms 🙂

Alliance & Leicester will give you a sweet £100 when you move to their Premier Current Account. It pays a half decent interest rate on your balance (there’s a good chance your old bank doesn’t pay anything!), read the rest