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The Dead Cashback Sites

Here lie the sites that thought it was easy... these are the ones who didn't last the distance, kept here for interest and old times sake.

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iPoints are a reward points based cashback system, whereby you earn reward points for shopping online, completing surveys or entering competitions. You can spend your points on a good range of products online, or even get vouchers for high street stores such as Boots and Debenhams. Tracking is reliable, and range of stores is now better since iPoints took over WebRewards. Sign-up now and get up to 20 Free iPoints to get you started.




eCashback, not surprisingly from the name, are a cashback based shopping site. They have a very good range of stores, over 500 so far. They do also have some stores that GreasyPalm currently don't, such as Amazon - and GreasyPalm have some that eCashback don't. So it is worth joining both! eCashback also give you a bonus £2-50 when you join. And they have some coupon deals, although not as many as GreasyPalm.


Go Fifty 50


GoFifty50 are in Indepedent Financial Adviser (IFA) who are willing to share their renewal commission with you as cashback. You get 50%, they get 50% (NB. after 15% goes to a compliance agency). The good bit is that it won't cost you any extra - if a financial product (e.g. ISA, Life Assurance, Pensions etc) you already have pays renewal commission you can 'mandate' it to GoFifty50 and you earn cashback. Similarly if you buy any further financial products through GoFifty50 you earn more cashback.

electric high street

Electric High Street


Latest: No response to numerous contacts regarding the payout schedule of rebates - NOT recommended!

A bit of an unknown. A good range of linked stores, but not a personal cash back set up. Instead all purchases through the site accumulate in a single fund. Rebates are then awarded back to members with 30% of the pot shared between free sign-up members, 60% between 'executives'. The payout frequency is unclear. NB you need to introduce 2 friends to qualify for the free cash back. I wouldn't recommend paying for the 'executive' membership.




Earn shares or cashback when you shop online. Now a very good range of stores available, plus some extra 'members only' limited purchase special deals. Cashback is paid out quarterly, on reaching a minimum balance of £25. This is now FREE to join (was £25)! They have actually introduced a 2-tier membership system. As a free member you still get all the benefits of AlphaCadia - but now, if you upgrade to a 'Founder Member' (one-off cost of £30) you not only get 200 free shares, but also a choice of double cashback or more free shares on every cashback purchase.

For reference, you can also find the old 'standard' ones here. Don't use any of these though - check our latest reviews instead.