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Free Shares Worldwide

These are the worlwide free shares sites that didn't last, kept here just for reference. You can find the current free shares reviews here.

Unresponsive Sites

D-Sent - 10 free shares for providing your email address to this 'Travel Directory'. But very likely to just be an email harvesting exercise - certainly nothing of any substance here.

AAAFN - 3 free shares just for asking (not US due to SEC ruling). As for what they do/sell, your guess is as good as ours...

E-Compare - Find the best price for anything online with this comparison shopping site. The free stock offer is currently on hold, but you can enter your email address to be advised if/when it resumes.

Closed Share Offers / Dead Sites:

NetPartners Marketing - If you work in a financial related industry or own your own business, you can claim 5 free shares in this marketing company.

USPages - Web design and hosting company. 1 free share for the asking, plus 1 more for introducing a friend. Plus 1 for every $1 you spend on their services in your first year.

Angry Fan - sports fan site. Various levels of membership with the free bronze membership awarding 2 free shares. Higher levels of paid membership award more shares.

AFE Energy - U.S. Energy company wanting to give you 10 free shares (open worldwide)