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Free Shares From Shopping - The Dead List

These are the free shares sites that just didn't last the distance, kept here for reference. You can find the current free shares offers here.




Fantastic potential this one. Get paid cash and free shares for using the internet while displaying a small Viewbar (similar to the Google Toolbar).




Earn shares or cashback when you shop online. Now a very good range of stores available, plus some extra 'members only' limited purchase special deals. Cashback is paid out quarterly, on reaching a minimum balance of £25 before a cheque is drawn. This is now FREE to join (was £25)! They have actually introduced a 2-tier membership system. As a free member you still get all the benefits of AlphaCadia - but now, if you upgrade to a 'Founder Member' (one-off cost of £30) you not only get 200 free shares, but also a choice of double cashback or more free shares on every cashback purchase. AlphaCadia earns an extra * then!

Latest: Now appear to have quietly transformed into an online shops directory, with no explanation or mention of cashback...

ring sms



'Get paid to receive text messages'. 100 free shares for signing up, 3 more for each friend you introduce - you will also earn cash on text messages they receive. Information on the site is confusing, and although recently 'launched' the site looks pretty amateur and nothing seems very finished! Time will tell - but we're not holding our breath!

Latest: Time told... not recommended

public forum

Public Forum


A basic community / forum based site - the biggest bonus of which is the forums are quite fast to use. Points for joining, introductions and people reading your messages - and points may one day make free shares.




Got a burning question? You can get hundreds if not thousands of opinions within days FREE. And the more you participate, and the more questions you ask, and the more you questions you answer - the more credits for Free Shares you earn. Good fun!

share dial



Fancy free telephone calls for a year!? Share-Dial offer savings of 62% on UK national calls and 90% on international calls - just by dialling 1845 before your usual number. Introduce 6 friends and get £10 of free calls per month for a year! Plus another month of free calls for each additional friend.

Members also get up to 1,000 free shares on joining, with 200 shares for referring a friend, and 100 shares for every £25 spent on calls. Be prepared to make an initial credit of £25 to your account to be used for your calls.

net pool one



Aiming to offer product discounts negotiated due to large volumes of members. Nothing available yet... Unfortunately dodgy spelling and the odd German word give away the country of origin.

users opinion

Users Opinion


Innovative and unique site providing web site owners with an instant review of their site from a large panel of users (i.e. you and me!). Still developing but a promising and valuable service. One free share on sign-up, plus 1 free share for every survey completed. Plus 1,000 shares randomly awarded to a new member every month.

e for money



Aiming to pay you for receiving email they send to you on behalf of advertisers, plus more cash for people you introduce. Currently still building up membership, and very few actual paid emails have been issued. 5 free shares when you sign up plus 2 more shares for introducing friends.

The Slammer


Slammer offer good prices on computer games - PC, Playstation, Gameboy, whatever. Shares were to be allocated between January - March 2001, but there doesn't appear to be any mention of free shares on the site anymore.

mind pixel



Slightly wacky you may think, but Mindpixel is a serious scientific project. It is the world's largest Artificial Intelligence effort! Currently with nearly 50,000 users. Basically you input a 'Mindpixel' (a statement that can be answered yes or no), and then validate 20 others input by other users. In so doing you help to build 'Gac's brain and boost the cash value of the project. As a member you own a little piece of the project. Unfortunately the site can be pretty baffling - you really have to dig around to find out what it is all about. Lot more work needed on the 'FAQ' and Introduction areas.

50 connect



"The UK's leading internet channel dedicated to today's over 50's". You don't have to be 50+ to join though! 50 free shares credits awarded on joining. 50Connect reckon an active member may expect up to £200 upon an IPO or takeover. Extra points can be earned by shopping via the site, introducing friends, opening an email account or sending an article (presumably writing rather than 'an item'!). Quite basic at present but gets an extra * for potential due to the rapidly growing 'silver surfer' market.

kewl brits



This company are mainly suppliers of corporate and family entertainment, i.e. artists such as comics, magicians, lookalikes etc. But also, oddly, have branched out into internet services and many other areas. Perhaps too many as the network of sites can be baffling! What the shares are and how the offer works also seems to change faster than we can keep up with - which accounts for the low rating.

share centre

The Share Centre


As well as share dealing, The Share Centre provide ISA and PEP management. If you take out an ISA, or transfer your existing PEP or ISA to them, they award free shares in Share plc. 100 free shares per £5,000 ISA/PEP transferred in, or a sliding scale for a new ISA starting at 40 free shares for a £3,000 lump sum ISA. The free shares are traded on ShareMark, a market set up by The Share Centre. (Follow the 'More Free Shares' link on the right hand menu for offer details).

virtual trader

Virtual Trader


Play the real stock markets completely free, with virtual money, but you can win up to £2,500 real cash or 1 million member shares! Nicely done and great fun - if you've always thought you could do better than the cautious 'experts' now you can prove it!

Latest: Offer ended 10/05/2001

my ad



"Get paid up to £1 per hour while you surf, plus up to 25p an hour for any friends you introduce". 5 free shares of Myad for every 5 members introduced. Was launching late Summer 2000, delayed until end of 2000, but now unlikely to ever really happen.

Latest: Site dead for some time...

lets share it

Lets Share It


100 free shares just for signing up. Gain 100 more for up to 3 sensible business ideas you submit. Plus, should one of your ideas be chosen you get a 10% stake in the new company.

Latest: Domain appears to have been bought by someone else... dead!

Free Chariot


Latest: Site design improved greatly, though that free shares offer seems to have completely disappeared...

Somewhat baffling site. Telecomms provider who appear to offer free shares for customers transferring their BT telephone account to them. Unmetered internet access and free local call packages - but if the amateur site design is anything to go by, I wouldn't personally want to risk my phone account...