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What was once a thriving category now looks a little sad and empty! It appears to prove the 'free shares / free isp' model is one that simply doesn't work! Dial up call revenues have proven insufficient to keep smaller Free ISP's alive let alone investable enough for flotation (even Totalise, unable to secure further funding, have been unsuccessful).

With broadband having properly arrived in the UK, the future of the small UK ISP proved bleak. But prove me wrong world and deliver a solid broadband based ISP hurling free shares in the company to it's members - and I'll gladly eat my Totalise share certificates...

Where To Next?

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Active Sites:

Nothing to see here..!

Closed Share Offers:




Totalise are a UK Free Internet Service Provider, who have given away over £3 million free shares. Free shares are now much more heavily orientated towards purchase of products and services as Totalise has established a user base - and will now end completely as planned on 30/04/2002. But if the products interest you, the bonus shares could be very worthwhile. You can always check for the latest offer before signing up (look for the small 'Share Offers' link on the home page).

Shares are now listed on AIM.

Latest: Sadly Totalise plc has gone into Administration.




Velnet plan on giving away free shares (estimated at "up to £700 per person") to the first 50,000 users. Some useful extra services are to be added including free domain registration & free fax to email.

Latest: Site revamped but virtually nothing there - free shares offer now disappeared without trace...

Blue Carrots

Blue Carrots


Blue Carrots were awarding 1000 shares at sign-up. Should a new offer open, you'll find it right here.

OFFER NOW CLOSED as of 25/06/2001

For old times sake, you can now find the 'deceased' free ISP sites here.