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Free ISP's Giving Out Free Shares - The Dead Ones

Here lie the free ISP's who didn't get it right. They either couldn't get enough users, couldn't get the investment to last the distance, or were just plain old incompetent to start with! Kept here for interest and old times sake. You can find the current free ISP share offers.

No Longer With Us:

revolution isp

Revolution ISP


Free ISP. Not free shares as such, but the plan is "cash payments of up to £2,000 - in two instalments commencing upon the sale or flotation of". Must use the service for at least an hour every month to remain qualified which although restrictive makes some sense. (Obviously no usage = no income = no profits = worthless shares!) Additional revenue streams to meet the apparently wild valuation are planned. But don't exect a flotation any time soon! LATEST: Sunk without trace.

Free ISP

Free ISP Shares


One more ISP who claim to be giving away shares. Slightly confusing presentation - but 10,000 units to first 10,000 sign-ups, then 2,000 units for the next 50,000 sign-ups. Extra points for using their dial-up.

Latest: After a period of unavailability the site is back... and now gone again!

Free Bee Net


Free ISP. Terrible site design - but worth a viewing if just for amusing phrases such as "Every minute you spend on line using as your internet service provider will be contributing to your becoming an internet millionaire"... oh dear!




MyISP offer 1000 'units' which determine how many shares you will receive. Plus you get 50 bonus units for introducing up to 25 friends.

Latest: Site seems permanently down...