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Google Goes Crazy – And May Harm Your Computer..!

Has Google gone nuts today..?

All my search results are showing the dreaded ‘This site may harm your computer’ message.

So either Google is having a funny turn, or my laptop has been taken over by aliens, or worse!

Even and are reported as potentially harmful…

Aliens, Google or has Kaspersky let me down..?

Oh dear, I think Google central will be rolling out some serious ass whippings… reports are coming in all over the place of the same dodgy search results… here’s just a few:-
Getting a malware warning for every site in Google search results?
Is Google Crazy? May Harm Your Computer?

The official word from Google themselves was a technical glitch in the file of ‘bad sites’ they maintain. A tiny error of including the entry ‘/’ in the files translated to the software as meaning ‘every website’.

So for a period of only 40 minutes or so, Google panicked us all by reporting every website in the world, including their own, as BAD!

Posted: January 31st, 2009

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