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Cashback Cards Are Top – They Work!

It’s official, cashback cards are top of the pops.

I mean, these days consumers want (and deserve) better from their credit card providers – am I right?

So why should we put up any longer with cards with an annual fee. No need to. What about cards with crazy high interest rates? No need to. What about those cards that hide a really short period before interest starts to accrue? No need to.

Today you can get credit cards that pay cashback, don’t pay an annual fee, don’t charge high interest rates, and have sensible terms.

My card just paid me £119.28 as a cashback reward. Here’s my statement to prove it:-

I did nothing to earn this. I simply switched from my old credit card provider to my new one. Of course, future cashback rewards will also just automatically get credited to my account. Simple as that.

So if you have a credit card, don’t put up with a poor deal. Switch today and put that cash back in your own pocket.

Right now today you can get a stunning deal if you get an amex platinum cashback card – it will pay 5% cashback for the first 3 months, and up to 1.5% cashback after that too.

Or if you want to see what else the market can offer, see all the top cashback cards here (it’s a fast changing industry so it’s worth checking for the latest updates).

Posted: January 22nd, 2009

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