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I Just Want a Bloody Stamp..!

All you want to do is post a letter. So when did going to the Post Office become such a ridiculous ‘hard sell’ experience?

I ask for 1st class postage. I just want my package weighed and the price. That’s it.

Is it valuable?

None of your business. I asked for 1st class postage, that’s all I want. (Which as I might remind you automatically INCLUDES compensation to the value of £39 should you lose it!)

Do you want it to get there tomorrow?

Well that would be nice. Like in the old days when 1st class meant first delivery next day, and second class meant second delivery. Oh, wait, you’re still trying to push me to buy Special Delivery at £5 a go. No, I still just want 1st class, as I already said.

Would you like to top up your mobile phone?

What? Don’t be silly, I just want to post my bloody package!

Did you know the Post Office now offer credit cards and car insurance?

Yes, I bloody do, because you bored me with them last week when I came in just to buy some stamps. And I’m still not interested because I know I can get better credit cards and car insurance elsewhere.

OK, so did you want any stamps today?


My THREE nearest Post Offices all now do this same stupid blind irritating ‘upsell’ process. You want a stamp, so clearly you must need a new credit card… round of applause for the idiot marketing manager responsible for that.

I now buy stamps from WH Smiths whenever possible.

Is your local Post Office this irritating?

Posted: July 7th, 2009

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  • 1 Milco // Feb 10, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    No – it is not marketing manager in question! It is “instruction from above” in Post Organization, that will say to clerk: “you will sell x, y, quantity of deals” or You can pack Your things and go home” – this way, worker will offer You lot of other stuff before giving up with You.

    best regards to all

  • 2 FUS // Feb 13, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Then they need to be trained far better, or add their own intelligence and discretion to the process.

    Why offer a credit card to someone who wants a stamp. It’s totally illogical. Why persist in offering more expensive unnecessary postage options to someone who has already specifically stated what they want.

    If someone is buying foreign currency, sure, see if they have travel insurance. But don’t then try and flog them 10 other totally unrelated products!