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Free Shares From me2everyone..?

me2everyone free shares

This young internet upstart is causing quite a stir online. By giving away free shares to members when they join (for free), it has managed to rapidly go from 0 to 188,455 members in just 1 month! Before they even know what they are joining..!

The free offer is still running, so you can join the fun too. You’ll get 250 free shares in the company if you join today (more about me2everyone free shares here)

So What is It?

That seems to be part of the fun. We’re not sure. It’s kind of a new virtual online world and social networking site type of a thing. It could be ‘the next big thing’ or a great big ‘what was all the fuss about’.

Members now holding free shares are of course hoping it will turn out to be the next Facebook or MySpace – so their free shares will be worth thousands.

With the kind of growth experienced so far, they certainly have potential. If they can nudge those people who signed up to get the free shares into active users. And if they can deliver a platform that tempts people away from Facebook and MySpace.

It costs nothing to find out. You can grab your free shares by joining here.

Posted: February 25th, 2009

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