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eBay Cashback – Free!

eBay Cashback

We all love eBay. And many of us look for stuff on eBay before we even look at Amazon or anywhere else.

But did you know there is a really simple way to get cashback every time you buy something through eBay?

It’s not going to pay off your mortgage or anything, but it really is ‘something for nothing’. A little bit of eBay cashback every time really builds up to some useful extra cash. read the rest

Amex Platinum Cashback Card – Get £200 Cash In 3 Months!

Christmas is coming…

OK, I know it seems very early to be thinking turkey and trimmings!

But not if you want a nice fat cash bonus on everything you buy in the run up to the ‘season of spending’.

Amex (or American Express) have a credit card that actually pays you to use it.

How can that be possible?

Well card companies make their money in two main ways:-

  • from the interest you get charged when you don’t pay off your balance
  • a transaction fee every time you use the card, which the shop has to pay

Special Tempting Extras

So some cards offer special extras to tempt your custom. read the rest

It’s The End Of World As We Know It…

[Q] What’s the best thing you can do when everyone is losing their head and proclaiming the end of the world?

[A] Shake your head sagely and find something more interesting to do.

The newspapers are always full of doom and gloom. The TV news is right there with them.

Is it the credit crunch or a recession…house prices are down, mortgage rates are up, gas and electric prices are up, petrol prices are up, the banks are failing…

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling…

Sure, burying our heads in the sand and pretending nothing is happening won’t make it go away. read the rest