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Why Use Cashback Sites?

It's not often anyone walks up and gives you free money. Shopping with cashback sites is free money. Here's why.

This is not about buying more stuff than you normally would. Or buying things that you don't need. It's not about giving away all your personal information. It's also not about filling in forms or jumping through hoops.

This is about 10 seconds of effort (OK, 5 seconds if you're quick!) just before you buy anything online.

You go to your favourite cashback site. You find the shop you want. You click on it. Shop as normal.

Then a percentage of what you spend (it can be as much as 10%, or even more!) is credited to your cashback site account. You withdraw it whenever you want.

So why use these cashback sites? Because this is about as close to free money as it gets!

If you just shop as you normally would, this can easily put hundreds of pounds a year back in your pocket.

Now I know this all sounds a bit odd. But there's nothing weird going on, it's just some of the advertising fees being paid back to you instead of kept by the company who sent you to that shop. You can read more about how cashback sites work.

So the choice is really quite an easy one. Carry on shopping online as before. Or make a simple switch to the way you shop and join the rest of us getting paid up to 10% back on everything we buy online.

TIP: It's not just about buying the odd item of clothing or a new phone either. Some of the biggest cashback bonuses are paid for things like switching broadband or insurance provider (often around £100, but I've seen as much as £170!)

There's a reason that the best cashback sites have millions of members in the UK. You can get reviews of the best UK cashback sites here.

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