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Are Cashback Sites Any Good?

Hell yes they're good! There's a reason why millions of people in the UK are now using them.

Cashback sites have been around for many years now. They have also changed a lot. In the early days the cashback bonuses you got were half of what they are now (or worse). You also had to build up quite a large balance before you could even withdraw your money.

Not any more!

The sites that are now available are giants. They have millions of UK members, so they can negotiate great deals (for you) with the online retailers.

They are also super competitive against each other. So they compete to give the best deals, the best membership bonuses and the best terms.

All of which means cashback sites are now good, really good. They are:-

  • fast to use
  • well designed & easy to find what you want
  • pay top cashback rates
  • have minimum payouts of just £1
  • run extra promotions with bonus payouts
  • pay even more if you take payouts as shop vouchers

So things are very different now. If you tried cashback shopping before but found it hard work - now is the best time to jump right back in. And if you've never joined a site before, you're going to love it :-). Check out our reviews of the best UK cashback sites.

We recommend to get the best out of them that you just shop as normal. And withdraw your cashback regularly.

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