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Is Amazon On Any Cashback Sites?

Half the planet now shops at Amazon! So as we use it so much, it's important to know if there are cashback sites for Amazon.

The good news is, yes there are! :-)

The not quite so good news, is that how much you get depends on what you are buying. Some departments/categories of Amazon pay more than offers. And unfortunately some categories don't pay anything at all.

This is also a quite recent change, only last year you couldn't get any cashback from Amazon from any site. So make the most of this :-)

As an example, at the time of writing you can get 6% cashback if you buy things from gardening or beauty at TopCashback (you can read our TopCashback review here). But it's reduced to 2% on electronics (which have much tighter profit margins). Unfortunately right now it's 0% on books.

Bonus It's also useful to note that if you choose to take your payout from TopCashback as an Amazon Gift Certificate, you also get an extra 2.5% bonus.

That's the other thing to bear in mind though. Things change. The percentages can change, as can the Amazon categories that are eligible for cashback. Extra bonuses do appear from time to time too. So it's just something you need to check before you buy. Particularly if you are planning on a larger purchase like a new TV or mobile phone.

So Which Cashback Sites Is Amazon On?

You can get up to 9% Amazon cashback at both of our Top 2 rated sites - Quidco and TopCashback. These are the 2 big gorillas in this industry so they have to power to negotiate with a giant like Amazon. Most of the smaller cashback sites don't have any Amazon options. At least, not yet.

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