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UK Holiday Insurance Rip-Off Revealed

Please let me save you money - for Free. OK?

Never, repeat, NEVER buy holiday insurance from your travel agent. They will charge you five to ten times what you should be paying. They could even be making more money selling you holiday insurance than from the holiday itself... and they call it an added 'service'!?

NOTE: Please remember we are NOT financial advisors - everything here is just our opinion. Nothing here is investment or financial advice - please consult an independent financial advisor before acting on any information contained on this site.

You Could Save HUNDREDS Of Pounds...

Every time you book a holiday, the agent will try to add on Holiday Insurance (or 'Travel Insurance'). Doesn't matter if you book online, or in your local High Street, they will all try it on. And some of them will even sneakily try and add it on automatically, so if you don't check carefully you can be buying without even realising! Sneaky eh?

Oh, But They Get Even Sneakier...

Frequently the Terms & Conditions will even say you MUST have holiday insurance! So no choice but to take the agents rip-off policy. WRONG! They say you must have insurance, but they cannot FORCE you to take THEIR insurance.

Here's How You Can Save Hundreds Of Pounds A Year

Do this NOW. Do not wait until you are booking your next holiday.

Get yourself what's called an "annual multi-trip policy". Quite simply, this is like every other insurance policy you normally buy. It lasts for a year, and it normally covers you for every holiday you take in that year.

But won't this cost you more?

NO, it won't! Fact is, it will most probably cost you LESS than you would pay for just ONE rip-off SINGLE TRIP policy from your agent! Outrageous isn't it? We're talking about £30 a YEAR, for a policy that will cover all your weekends away, your couple of weeks in the sun, romantic last minute get-aways, the lot!

Oh, and make sure you buy online. You will often save around 10% on exactly the same policy, from the same insurer.

But that's not all, you can save even more...

WARNING: The Rip-Off Merchants Are Getting Clever!

The travel agents have noticed people are wising up to their games. Some are now offering annual policies - but BE WARNED, some of those annual policies are no better than a year long rip-off!

Be prepared, sort out your annual policy today, then when they try and sell you on the spot, you can give a big smile and say "sorry, already got my holiday insurance".

My Final Sneaky Tip To Save You Even More Money

Save yourself a bunch of cash by going annual PLUS get a chunk of your money back. Here's how to do it...

  • First join the cashback shopping site TopCashBack (you can join here for free << opens in a new window, takes just a minute to do)
  • Then log-in, and pop 'travel insurance' into the 'Search For' box at the top.
  • Bingo, you'll have at least half a dozen top insurers like AA, American Express, Columbus and other specialists to choose from
  • And if you go through TopCashBack to their sites you automatically get up to 20% of your money back!

(Once a Member, this works on all your insurance policies by the way!)

So if you want cheap holiday insurance, act now, and never be ripped off again.


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