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Stock Trading Guide (Free)

You’d be forgiven for thinking that trading in shares is incredibly complicated.

The sheer wealth of information available makes it seem so big and overwhelming. But just like most things – they make it sound incredibly complicated so it makes them look clever…

Our online introductory stock trading guide has proven popular.

It won’t make you a city finance whiz kid overnight. read the rest

Confetti Cut Paper Shredder – For Extra Secure Shredding

If you have paper documents that contain your personal data – you need a shredder.

And I’m talking a proper confetti cut paper shredder – not one of those pathetic battery powered ones that are no better than tearing a page up.

The kind of people who are willing to go through bins to steal documents are capable of sticking pieces of paper back together. read the rest

UK Police Sledge With Riot Shields (video)

You’d have to be a pretty narrow minded dull old boss to reprimand your staff for this!

Is tobogganing on police time with police equipment really that evil? Surely it just gives the UK Police a more friendly down to earth image..?

I’d consider it community policing and great public relations.

Wouldn’t you rather see a riot shield being used as a sledge than pressed in protestors faces..!? read the rest

I Just Want a Bloody Stamp..!

All you want to do is post a letter. So when did going to the Post Office become such a ridiculous ‘hard sell’ experience?

I ask for 1st class postage. I just want my package weighed and the price. That’s it.

Is it valuable?

None of your business. I asked for 1st class postage, that’s all I want. (Which as I might remind you automatically INCLUDES compensation to the value of £39 should you lose it!)

Do you want it to get there tomorrow? read the rest

Shock News: UK Recession Over..?

Yup, it’s true. The UK recession may actually be over.

Are the newspaper headlines screaming out the good news though? Of course not – there’s lots of other far more depressing stories they can fill our day with instead…

Economy Grows Two Months In a Row

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) says that the economy hit bottom as long ago now as March this year. read the rest