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Best 100% Cashback Sites - Reviews

100% Cashback Arrives Big Time!

We used to be happy getting just 'some' cashback. But with the arrival of this new wave of cashback sites you can now claim up to double the cashback you used to be able to get before. And in some cases even better than that.

How Can They Give Away 100%?

The sites get paid a commission when they send you to a shop. Nothing new there. But they used to share this with you - usually half each. The new wave of sites are giving you 'all of it'. Some can do this because they then take a £5 fee when you withdraw your cashback. But some don't even charge that. Some work by managing to negotiate better commission so they actually get say 110% or 120% and then give you the 'normal' 100%.

But who really cares how. Fact is - it works. And you can get hundreds of pounds a year back in your pocket. So join all the best 100% cashback sites, and remember to use them!

(IMPORTANT: Get a cashback credit card too, for an extra cashback boost!)

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TopCashBack are definitely the leader of the new breed of 100% cashback sites. With over 2,000 cashback offers, and no admin charges at all. That's right, with these guys it's 100% cashback with nothing deducted even when you request a payment from them!

You can request payment at any time, and can receive your money by cheque, Paypal or even direct to your bank account. Again, no charge AND no limit on how little you can request. No waiting for £20 to build up here!

Conclusion: you need to join this one. They won't necessarily always pay the very best rates, or have all the shops you want to use, so it can pay to join one or two other sites as well. But if you only ever join one cashback site make it this one.

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iMutual have taken the cashback battle a step further. When 100% cashback sites arrived everything changed - now we have a cashback website that gives you 100% cashback PLUS free shares. It's also run by the same guy who originally started rPoints, the first cashback site to hit the internet. It's not yet as big as TopCashback, but has the potential. And in time iMutual members will own 90% of the shares in the company.

Conclusion: well, you have to join really. You get 100 free shares just for joining, and can earn more. And that's on top of the 100% cashback shopping. Note: make sure you also register for the shares AFTER you join (just requires your name, address and tick a box).

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Froggy Bank have an attractive and easy to use site. They don't yet have as many online shops in their database as TopCashback, but are growing.

The main difference here is they do charge you £5 per year admin fee. It is still free to join though, because the fee is only deducted out of your cashback earnings (if you don't earn enough, they don't carry the charge forward). You can get paid direct to your bank account or by Paypal. With no minimum amount restrictions for BACS and Paypal.

Conclusion: a really good site, but currently outclassed by TopCashback due to the £5 fee. You might prefer the way it works though, so you can join and test it out. After all, it doesn't cost you anything to try.

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