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Free Newspaper DVD's

Free Newspaper CD's and DVD's
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This is great! The weekend national newspapers are so keen to try and change our buying habits, they keep giving away free DVD's and CD's.

And these are not samples, trailers or even junk movies either - many are really good films you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of. They have mostly been appearing in the Saturday and Sunday editions, so keep your eyes open. Or check back here to see which free newspaper DVD's are coming up!

UPDATE: 2014 has had a pretty slow start for newspaper freebies (after a pretty poor 2013 too)! But make sure you subscribe, or follow our Facebook page below and we'll let you know as soon as some new ones appear :-)

2014 Free Newspaper DVD's

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Date Newspaper Title Item Notes
Sat 8 FebDaily MailCollins Easy Learning Spanish Course more infoCDFree with paper
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Of course, you don't get all the normal 'extras' with these free versions of the DVD's - but be honest, how often do you really watch deleted scenes and the 26 featurettes..? So for those evenings where there's nothing better on TV - why not spin up a free classic on DVD instead! And don't forget, as a bonus you do get a free newspaper with your DVD :-)

Check back each week for more free newspaper DVD's...

Plus, go here for more places where you can get free CD's and DVD's.

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