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How To Save On Groceries

The price of food these days seems to have skyrocketed! Add to this the high fuel prices and we may have no alternative but to stretch our money until at least the end of this year. Here are some tips on how to save on groceries.

1. Use store coupons. In every Sunday newspaper there are fliers delineating what supermarkets are having sales. Clipping the coupons will offset the high prices. In addition, there are many online sites wherein you can print coupons to use at your local supermarket. Also, many supermarkets have huge sales for items they may have to declare as a loss. Stock up on these items by freezing and storing them for future use.

2. Buy store brands. More often than not, there is a section in the supermarket devoted to items with store labels. You can stock up on canned goods, sugar, flour, pasta, as well as other food items in order to keep expenses down.

3. Buy in bulk. If you belong to a wholesale market, you may be able to save quite a bit of money by buying food items in bulk. So you can shop monthly instead of weekly for some of your food needs.

4. Buy fruits and vegetables in season. Probably the best place to purchase all your fruits and vegetables would be at a local farmerís market. You can be assured that the produce is fresh and you may even be able to find other items that you can also stock up on.

5. Purchase food at a co-op. Not only are the prices affordable, but you can buy in bulk and save quite a bit of money over time.

Similarly, most supermarkets have whole frozen chickens which you can buy for a song, as well as chicken legs. They are usually on sale or available at a two-for-one price.

You can make a variety of different meals for a month utilizing whole chickens to make soup, fried chicken legs or legs in Marinara sauce. You can purchase a 50 lb. bag of rice as well. You can make a pot of chicken soup with carrots and whatever vegetables are on sale. With these ingredients, you may prepare at least two or three chicken dishes a week.

Pasta is also inexpensive. When there is a two-for-one sale at the supermarket, stock up on pasta. If you have a tomato garden, the sauce can be made with fresh tomatoes. If not, canned tomatoes usually go on sale once a month so that you can buy a dozen cans and store them for future use.

In some cities, there are outlets where meats and breads are sold at discounted prices because they are a day old. With meats, you may have to be a bit careful but certainly day-old bread is perfectly fine.

There are ways to save money on grocery bills. All it takes is a little ingenuity and looking for food sales in your area.

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