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Consignment Shops are Mom's Best Friend

Why consignment shops are mom's best friend has been the topic of much debate. First of all, what are consignment shops? They sell second-hand items wherein the profit is split between the shop and the person who brought in the merchandise.

One of the main factors in utilizing a consignment shop is that if the merchandise you give them is not like new, they will not accept it. Thus, if you are giving them some of your clothes, you have to ensure that they are clean, pressed, stainless, and all repairs are dutifully taken care of.

The reason why most consignment shops have a strict requirement on the type of merchandise they accept is because they want to sell the items at the highest possible price. That way, they make money and you make money as well. Some consignment shops may decide to split the profits equally, while others may utilize a 60/40 or lower split.

Before you deal with any consignment shop, there are several factors you have to consider, profits notwithstanding.

Note that some consignment shops will not accept clothing unless the brand name is well known. In addition, one of the most popular items that consignment shops love to receive are prom dresses, wedding gowns, and tuxedos because they are usually worn only once. Some will even sell them if they’ve been worn twice.

Make a list of the consignment shops in your area and ask what items they are looking for as well as how much they will pay in profits. Once you find the consignment shop that meets your needs, visit them and discuss the terms. Once the terms are agreed upon, have them put it in writing so there will be no misunderstanding later on.

Conversely, consignment shops are also great places to buy clothes or other items. You are guaranteed the clothes are in excellent condition, have a brand name, and the savings incurred are immeasurable.

Some moms have stated that during the spring and fall months, you can stop by a local church. There, you can buy or bring clothing, and you can usually make large profits as well.

Some moms have even purchased new clothes at garage sales and then brought them to the consignment shops. Garage sales usually sell clothing for a song, and you can make quite a profit by handing them over to a consignment shop.

While thrift shops only carry donated merchandise as is, which means that the clothing can be stained or in need of repair, choosing a consignment shop may be the best way to buy merchandise that is not only in the best condition, but can yield quite a bit of savings in the long run.

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