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£100 Premier Current Account Cashback

Fed up with your bank? Ready for a change?

If you want to try a new bank, then here’s a nice ‘bribe’ to get you started on friendly terms 🙂

Alliance & Leicester will give you a sweet £100 when you move to their Premier Current Account. It pays a half decent interest rate on your balance (there’s a good chance your old bank doesn’t pay anything!), and they throw in some free travel insurance. read the rest

eBay Cashback – Free!

eBay Cashback

We all love eBay. And many of us look for stuff on eBay before we even look at Amazon or anywhere else.

But did you know there is a really simple way to get cashback every time you buy something through eBay?

It’s not going to pay off your mortgage or anything, but it really is ‘something for nothing’. A little bit of eBay cashback every time really builds up to some useful extra cash. read the rest

Amex Platinum Cashback Card – Get £200 Cash In 3 Months!

Christmas is coming…

OK, I know it seems very early to be thinking turkey and trimmings!

But not if you want a nice fat cash bonus on everything you buy in the run up to the ‘season of spending’.

Amex (or American Express) have a credit card that actually pays you to use it.

How can that be possible?

Well card companies make their money in two main ways:-

  • from the interest you get charged when you don’t pay off your balance
  • a transaction fee every time you use the card, which the shop has to pay

Special Tempting Extras

So some cards offer special extras to tempt your custom. read the rest