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You get Free CD's and DVD's in these great giveways. If you're like me, you love a freebie, and some of these are better than a trip to the DVD rental store.

Free Stress Busting CD Bust some stress with this Free "Easy Ways To Relax" CD from NHS Scotland.

Discover Ireland DVD Free DVD from the Irish Tourist Board. You'll meet 10 different characters from all over Ireland, stop by for a chat and get to know the place a bit... before you visit.

Free Learn A Language CD Ever wanted to learn a new language? Rosetta Stone are renowned for their quality language courses. You can get a Demo CD to try them out just by filling in the form here.

14 Days Free Movie Rentals Not entirely free this one - but the 14 days free trial is! Over 70,000 DVD titles to rent, including Blu-ray and TV series. Free postage, plus no fees for being late.

Free PC Software/Games + CD's/DVD's Well, nearly free. You just have to pay £2.99 for P&P, but can order up to 3 items each visit. Last time I checked there were about 170 CD's and DVD's to choose from, including movies and lots of PC software and games.

Free DVD's In Newspapers

These are a great source for free DVD's and CD's too. Volumes vary depending on how competitive the papers are feeling each week - but they've been giving them away since 2005 so I don't think they'll be stopping any time soon!?

Here are the latest Free newspaper DVD's.

PLUS Don't miss the bargain bundles of older giveaways you can find on ebay - you can often find bundles of 20 for just £15! Find them on ebay here:- Newspaper DVDs / CDs on eBay

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